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Business Communication Seminar

グローバルキャリア稲門会と、JALTビジネス・コミュニケーションS I Gの共同開催で、下記のテーマでセミナーを行います。

JALT Business Communication SIG and The Global Career Tomonkai and will co-host the following seminar:







日本大学商学部経営学科 准教授

Issue Selling and its Significance


Issue selling refers to activities aimed at gaining top management's understanding of issues that employees consider essential and obtaining permission and resources (people, goods, and money) to carry out those issues.

It includes activities such as proposals, presentations, and finding collaborators.

Jane Dutton and Susan J. Ashford proposed the concept, and its literal translation is "selling" (means of selling) an issue (problem to be solved).


Message from Dr. Kurosawa, the presenter:

I will talk about "Issue Selling," a communication strategy for gaining support from others. I will talk about communication strategies to get others to accept issues that you consider important, and in what cases subordinates will take the initiative in proposing projects and other activities, based on management studies. We hope this seminar will be an opportunity for those who are executing projects on their own and for supervisors who are troubled by subordinates who are waiting for instructions to think about how to break out of this situation.

Masashi Kurosawa
Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration 
College of Commerce Nihon University


December 16, 6:00 p.m. (After a 30-minute reception, the seminar begins at 6:30 p.m.)

12月16日 午後6時から (30分程度の懇親会を経て、セミナー開始6時30分)


場所: 早稲田大学 校友サロン




Fee: Free of charge 
(A donation of about 1,000 yen would be appreciated.)

Venue: Waseda University Alumni Salon

516-11 Tsurumaki-cho, Waseda University, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0041, Japan

Okuma Memorial Tower (Bldg. 26) 16th floor



If you wish to participate, please sign up using the form (please click).

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